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At dGram We Believe That:

“crypto investment speculation and risk can be mitigated”

“trustless systems simplify complex dynamics”

“the economies of the world are changing”

“we are a ground-breaking part of those changes – and are the enabler for more”

“public investors deserve access to the same opportunities as private investors”

“dGram is improved, steamlined and functional disruption”

“dGram is a step-change in the application of cryptocurrency”

“we have modelled dGram to deliver to these beliefs and more”


Daniel Steeves

Fears Mitigated

Many consumers and businesses – and investors – see one word describing both the barriers and the attraction to cryptocurrency:


Those fears consist of:

And are mitigated by:

  • losing it all
  • missing out
  • uncertainty of non-transparent business models
  • value stability
  • lack of business ecosystem or value mechanism

And are mitigated by:

  • backing 75% of capital investment of DGG with physical gold creates
    a stable minimum coin value
  • the DGI portion enables acceleration of mining operations and production
  • dGram gold purchase and vault transactions will be tracked by open smart contracts and verifiable

The Ideal Crypto Hybrid

A stable but speculative security crypto coin (DGG)

Underwritten and priced, day 1 as .75 grams of 999.9 gold buillion physical gold (vaulted in insured escrow with Baird & Co., London) with a three-year 100% growth model

A growth-enabled security crypto token

Speculative growth token, priced day 1 at 120% of token sale price. DGI first year growth guaranteed by burn of DGI reserves reserve burn; futures via dGram revenue share

Why dGram?

  • .. delivering a step-change in gold and crypto investments
  • .. enabling a new era of crypto-enabled international trade
  • .. serving as a cornerstone of the new global crypto economy

A simple but significant dGram innovation is the public access viewing portal allowing inspection and auditing of the smart contract with our international gold vaulting partner. Physical gold assets in the dGram Permanent Gold Reserve are fused directly to the base value of the DGG Coin, utilising the strengths of and immutable truth provided by the blockchain.

Acquire & Burn

the DGI token value is driven upward by unique monthly "Token Burn” events, starting with the guaranteed burn of all DGI tokens held in reserve by dGram, and later those acquired from dShare revenues, ensuring a minimal DGI inflation to maintain and drive token value and speculative interest.

Barriers removed

dGram harnesses the extensive business and security benefits and capabilities of the blockchain to create, manage and support a set of trustless mechanisms that effectively bridge the digital-physical assets barrier, fusing the safe harbour of the gold standard with the convenience, liquidity and investment upside potentials of a unique cryptocurrency.

dGram At A Glance


dGram GmbH is a new breed: we are miners of precious metals and minerals and we are creators of a vibrant, new, gold-supported, trade-enabling cryptocurrency.
dGram is an enterprise built on two separate but complementary and connected elements. 
dGram mitigates common fears regarding crypto or gold investments.
dGram is ethical and is working with local ressources.

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