Views from the board​

The Marketer & Organiser
Lukas Gaudlitz

CEO & CoFounder
Marketing dGram is marketing a promise to disrupt, with proof: a simple understanding of the dGram coin disrupts the way crypto has been perceived by the listener; fusing physical gold holdings with the digital liquidity of crypto currencies, letting investors make the gold standard work for them; disrupting the disruptors by injecting the true stability and trust enabled by dGram into the volatile crypto market. We have assembled a top team of diverse professionals ranging from crypto experts through to mining and precious metal sector specialists and from traditional high-end financiers and bankers to blockchain architects and engineers: a team to deliver the step change that is dGram.
The Crypto Visionary
Ismail Malik

Advisor & CoFounder

Disrupting deep-rooted standards in more ways than one and reflecting the means to deliver a new, international, crypto-based economy, dGram is poised to transform the way that crypto is perceived, invested in and transacted with.
I see dGram as a revolution that will open the crypto market wide to all manner and scale of consumers, traders and investors due to reduced volatility, investment worthiness (as stable as the gold with a significantly increased upside), liquidity and no-limit scalability. With the world facing an unstoppable increase in inflation rates – typically meaning an exponential growth of the gold value – I firmly believe that dGram will defy cross-currency inflation.

The Financier
Peter Borbely

Advisor & CoFounder

I see dGram as capable of  defying cross-currency inflationary and deflationary tendencies, which both fiat and crypto currencies are subject to, in that dGram essentially creates a bridging ecosystem with overlaps to both worlds, connected with the safe haven of the gold standard.

dGram provides the stability of physical gold holding, but better: the consistent value of gold (in times of economic instability gold not only resists the typical pressures to fiat currency but rises in the face of them) combined with the enhanced yield opportunities of crypto, through the use of a stable yet highly liquid crypto coin – and dGram is positioned to shake markets and perceptions.

The Mining and Construction Expert
Konstantin Sécrit

Chief Mining Activities Officer & CoFounder

With the dGram ecosystem based on a framework connecting partnerships between banks, mining operations, gold refineries an storage facilities, the attractiveness of our coin is not simply the investment value but also the assured transaction mechanism, also positions dGram as a natural currency choice for the international mining trade: frictionless, trustless transactions with guaranteed trading positions is a unique offer that can’t be beaten.

The Business Architect
Daniel Steeves

CSO & CoFounder

I realised immediately dGram was a real game-changer in not only the crypto landscape in general but in public perceptions and investment stability: dGram delivers to its promise by the definition of the gold in the ground. Not only is dGram certain to disrupt the current standard confusions of crypto: of vagueness, volatility and value. As a member of the Board of dGram, I am proud to be part of a team that both recognises and can deliver to the future.
Collectively, the Board members of dGram would like to appreciate your time in reviewing this prospectus. We trust that your analysis will determine that the dGram crypto coin proposition, and our growth-orientated supporting business models, represent as secure, solid and commercially viable an investment opportunity as can be found in the crypto world today. dGram is the safe entry to crypto as both an investment and a savings tool.
– Our collective point of view positions dGram as a clear cornerstone of the new crypto-enabled economy, providing both conservative and progressive investment strategies across consumer, professional and institutional investors in a single vehicle and highly attractive value assurance for traders, all of which create an environment supporting for exponential growth.
– We look forward to having you as a part of team dGram to capitalise on the transformation that we are about to deliver: with digital liquidity of physical gold assets and guaranteed end-to-end transaction values, crypto investment will never be the same.
The dGram GmbH Board of Directors