dGram at a glance

Standard disruption, crypto innovation.
dGram GmbH is a new breed: we are miners of precious metals and minerals and we are creators of a vibrant, new, gold-supported, trade-enabling cryptocurrency. dGram is an enterprise built on two separate but complementary and connected elements.

dGram the cryptocurrency delivers a self-sustaining crypto “economy” with a set of unique attractors including value-assured trading and commercial transactions built in partnership with coin holders taking advantage of comprehensive investment opportunities.

dGram the mining enterprise, in close collaboration with local-economy focused business and political partners in Angola and Ghana, dGram-operated mines have, as their primary focus, equitable and fair and sharing of knowledge, skills and revenues, building on the dGram investment in equipment, the shared investment and responsibility in management and the local provision of natural and human resources – and a dedication to delivering profit and well-being to all parties.

Separated Losses, Shared Profits: Designed as separately sustainable and mutually profitable, our business model protects each of the elements from any potential loss sustained by the other while operating in a revenue-share framework.