Unique to almost any STO investment opportunity, the extended dGram business model delivers profit-sharing by means of ‘dividends’ consisting of both direct additions to the Permanent Gold Reserve (proportionally increasing the value of the permanent gold reserve and increasing the value of DGG) and a profit-enabled acquire-and-burn process to maintain and drive DGI value.

dGram will deposit, directly to the Permanent Gold Reserve, fifty percent of allocated revenue shares from dGram mining operations and partnerships, with each coin proportionately increased at no risk to coin holders. The remaining fifty percent of dShare revenues will be applied to the DGI acquire-and-burn growth procedure.

How dShare works

dShare is funded directly and via our partnership with Vinch Globe, holds license and operational control of a 7000+ sq. km. assessed diamond mining and processing operation in Angola, a similar licensing partnership for a prolific Angola-based gold mine as well as partnership interests in commercial and luxury real estate investments.
The first elements of the dShare proposition, the businesses represent investments which will directly and indirectly contribute to the value of each dGram crypto coin. With 20% of net diamond production and 40% of refined gold committed for a three-year period, dGram offers additional opportunities to registered dClub investors.


dClub investors will be provided opportunities to invest in acceleration plans to increase production from existing mining resources and to bring new mines on line, first-refusal rights for additional discounted DGG coin minting events and reduced fees on all exchange services