Coin economy

dGram wallet and exchange services

dGram wallet and exchange services deliver a secure, multi-currency wallet and accounts dashboard service for each account holder on our exchange. dGram will also provide extensive reporting, invoicing and dashboard capabilities, an extensive set of analysis tools, secured by a constantly monitored threat management engine.

dGram exchange services will be delivered primarily as a liquidity platform where users can buy, trade or cash out dGram and other currencies, with extended services – including but not limited to dTrade and dEscrow / dOTC services, dClub investment participation and exclusive coin minting events – available only within the dGram ‘home’ exchange environment.

Smart Contracts

In brief, smart contracts are computer programs that are executed by the decentralized blockchain, operating dGram holders and will ensure strict execution of and adherence to all rules specified by any given contract. dGram also intends to publish the source code of smart contract templates in our GitHub repository to allow any interested parties access to read, review and validate the business rules in each.