The ideal, hybrid team​

A unique collective of marketers, bankers, technologists, strategic planners, crypto and blockchain thought leaders and strategists, mining industry sector specialists, investors and cross-sector strategic partners, we are collaborating to design and deliver solutions to the challenges of both conventional and  cryptocurrency investment thinking.

Management Team

CoFounder, Visionary, entrepreneur, founder of multiple companies and ideator of innovation. Having a thirst for changing the standard he takes the lead of the team through excellence formed from his professional sportsmanship background with a world-wide corporate network but also many revolutionary and unique businesses, such as dGram.


Marketer and Organiser

CoFounder, Bank founder and owner of a private bank (1895 direct Dusseldorf) since 2002, banking partner of dGram. Mr. Assmann manages and administers the financial status of dGram applying his broad background as an entrepreneur and innovator across the financial services sectors.


Bank founder and owner

CoFounder, Multidisciplinary consultant and entrepreneur who applies his 35 years of international cross-sector experience to deliver clear targets: enable, strengthen and scale his fintech, blockchain and emerging technology clients by ensuring the alignment and viability of their propositions, products and positioning with their business models, targets, token/coin models, whitepapers and ICOs, from the points of view and value perceptions of their supply and value chains - their consumers, partners and investors.


Business Architect


Senior blockchain economy Advisor Called a “Blockchain guru” from his early years in the sector and listed in top 100 high-profile leaders of the crypto community because of his knowledge and his vision; Founder and CEO of BlockchainLab as well as Editor In Chief of ICO CROWD and Co-Founder of CoinViral and CoinDesk. Ish is focused on strategic management of projects related to e-money, cryptocurrencies, and mobile services. Also, with PR expertise a key element of his diverse background, Ismail has experience in developing and convening large-scale media campaigns involving all media sources.


Crypto Visionary & Blockchain Guru

Sales & Marketing-focused founder of several companies in the information technology and new media sectors. Experienced social media marketer and customer experience-led product developer. Investor in small caps and commodities, targeting long-term value accretion and lasting shareholder value. Luke is advising dGram on how to appeal to the large swathes of traditional investors who recognise the technical advantages of the blockchain and the potential of crypto investments, but want to see greater accessibility, transparency, accountability, and real-world value.

Consultant | LUKE WHEELER

Marketer, Investor & Entrepreneur

Consultant | RUPERT REID

Director at Valrock Private Equity Limited


Senior Team

Born in the Himalayan State of Himachal Pradesh, India, Divij is a young Blockchain Enthusiast having a multidimensional and multidisciplinary experience ranging from Marketing and Community Management. Working with several blockchain projects he has not only the skills but also the network. Outside the Blockchain World, Divij loves to go on treks in the Himalayas and is a football aficionado, favourite teams being Bengaluru FC and Arsenal FC.

Head Comm. Management | Divij Sood

An understanding of the intracies of our business model enables Josh to add value across dGram: from input to strategic discussions through to website design and development, our youngest team member brings energy and a different perspective, both of value to the business.

Internal Comm. | Josh Dzombic

Ambitious student of B. Sc. Psychology from Berlin with 9 years of experience in customer care and gaining. Her essential business operating areas took place in the commerce, event management and customer service of multiple berlin companies. As the right hand of the CMO she is in charge of organisation and support of the internal and external community affairs.

Internal Comm. | Sarah Juenemann